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Ladies Hats
Garland $1.00 per foot

Two-tone green garland. It is wired to make it easier to shape. Great to make your own wreathes or topiaries. Cut with old scissors. This garland is not handmade by us.
Creatures with Rhinestone Eyes $2.99 each

Antique finish metal creatures are made even spookier with the addition of rhinestone eyes. Choose a gargoyle with siam red or topaz amber eyes. They can be hung if preferred, but they are solid metal. The bats are antiqued bronze with crystal, topaz amber, or siam red eyes. Heavy, but they have a loop for hanging. So spooky in a dark corner to see a flash of reflected light coming from the eyes. The rhinestones are of course Swarovski for the greatest shine.
Small Red and Green Baskets $2.00 pair

These small baskets are about 1/2 inch not including the handles. One is round and one is square, both with green handles. These These bamboo baskets are not handmade by us.
Scrying Stones $2.99 each

These vintage rhinestones are a perfect accessory for a Gypsy or witch who needs to see into the future. The multicolored one has a flat bottom and a point on top. The brown swirls has a facted flat top and a brass filigree base. We only have 1 of each and don't see getting more in. Add a bit of color and whimsy to a spooky or occult scene.
Potion or Gennie Bottles $5.99 each

these unique bottles are six sided with a silver finish cap and knob top. Inside they have a small recepticle which holds either pixie dust or genie smoke, as you prefer. Decorated with rhinestones and silk tassels, they are a charming sight for any witch or wizard. Choose turquoise teal or dusk purple.
Rhinestone Displays $1.99 each

Add sparkle and color to a dry bookshelf with a rhinestone display. They have golden stands, but are not glued down so you can use them as crystal paperweights on some little worthy's desk. Use them in a museumsetting as rock or crystal displays. The possibilities are endless for these charming vintage rhinestones.
Jeweled Lightning Bolt $2.99 each

Brass lightning bolts have been decorated to add spectacular color to a cool scene. They have a small loop for hanging or use one as a paperweight for some wizard's scribblings of spells.