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Ladies Hats
Here you will find some of the newest items we are working on. They are available now, but not in large quantities yet. Remember, let us know what you would like to see. Many new items come at the requests of customers.

Check our newly created Ladies Hats Collection!
The latest edition to our Specialty Collection is a line of Silk Hats. The most prolific being similar to our Classic hats, they are set apart by using only silk fabrics and trimmed with the finest and most unique trimswe use, many of which are handmade and customized for each hat. We have also paired our silks with another favorite fabric - ultrasuede. The same lovely ultrasuede we use in our men's hats and othe specialty hats combines wonderfully with silk too. You will find more of these hats in our Specialty Collection pages. But we have a sneek peek here.
We are also now producing a line of pins and medallions, medals and similar decorations. The are all rhinestone decorations for a big impact. Colors will be assorted, but so far all are silver metallic decoations. They would also look nice decorating your favorite magician's tome. We recommend using Aleene's Tack-It Over and Over glue to attach to clothing or other items like books. We can apply it for you too, just let us know your preference. Here are a few samples. Get them now at 2 for $2.00.
We are working on a new line of glow in the dark products just in time for Halloween. A new variety of potion bottle shapes can also be found. There will also be some accents to our witch hat that have a soft glow too!. Right now we have in stock the exact bottle pictured. Use them for Halloween night or other miniature rituals of an occult or spooky nature. They would look great in amongst a pirate's stash or a wizard's collection of objects. These bottles could also be a long lost genie's home! Every color reacts differently, glows differently. You won't be able to read by their light, but the overall effect is cool. Any light will activate the product for the dark and the longer the better. A blacklight can also be used in place of darkness. $8.00 a bottle
Glow in the Light Sabers - $4.00

No batteries required to make these light sabers glow - just add light! Science is cool - the material gathers the light along the length of the light saber and emits it out the end. The blue doesn't have quite as much impact. It could be a property of our eyes, but the yellow and green are the best. Approximately 3 inches long, we have a silver colored handle which we use to finish the pieces off. If you want a light saber that can be removed from the handle, we will do that too. We would recommend a Aleen's Tack-It Over and Over glue to insert the light saber into the handle which make it removable for "holstering" the weapon.